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Congratulations for being part of Kindle from Amazon. Kindle did transform the perception of people in their habits. Kindle did survive when most of the competitors did vanish from the e-book scenario. Amazon is the first to introduce the e ink technology to digital books.

registering your Kindle

Amazon has brought the Kindle e-reader with a lot of user-friendly software and interfaces. That means that to set up and register Kindle on the computer is very easy. However, till you get familiarised with the device and its functions you may be unable to register Kindle.

Kindle Connectivity Problems

Once in a while, you may face an error while registering your Kindle. However kindly be assured that these are simple problems to solve.  You can use your DIY skill to solve most of the problems when you face the problem that there was an error while registering your kindle.

Incidentally, Kindle is one of the most user-friendly gadgets available on the market today. If you experience the problem of ‘kindle device registration failed it is the time to reconfigure the device.

Essentially, why you are unable to register kindle is due to wrong configuration wrong account details etc. Amazon Kindle gives you another extraordinary feature to register kindle online with the serial number.

kindle device registration failed

Your Kindle is compatible with various computers (Apple Mac, Microsoft Windows, Apple iPad), as well as almost all tablets, smartphones and phablets. Whether it is a desktop or portable, Kindle is with you always.

How to Add a Device to Amazon Kindle?

To register your Kindle online, kindly follow the following simple steps.

  • Have the Kindle fully charged. To do this you may plug in the USB charging jack to the power socket with the correct voltage. The voltages of different countries vary. As a thumb rule, the voltage shall be in the range of 110 Volts/ 240 Volts with frequency 50~60 cycles per second (Hertz).
  • Go to the home button
  • You may tap the Menu icon
  • Then you can tap the settings.
  • If you have an Amazon account tap on my account.
  • You may choose the Amazon account you want to use on your Kindle.
  • You may enter your Amazon account information.
  • Please Tap My account.
  • On the screen, you will find your name appearing after the registration process is complete.
  • However in case, you do not have an Amazon account, kindly tap this option and follow the onscreen instructions to set up a new Amazon account.

Your passport to the world of reading

The Kindle account is your passport to the wonderful world of reading. However, you may face ‘Kindle won’t register’ problem though not that often. The similar problems you may face are

  • there was an error while registering your kindle
  • kindle fire registration error
  • kindle devise registration failed
  • unable to register kindle
  • there was an error while registering your kindle

Kindle Deregistration

In case you want to transfer ownership of your Kindle, you have to deregister your Kindle accounts. This is also required in case the registration is done wrong. You shall be able to deregister your Kindle from your Amazon account while using your device or from a computer. Kindly note the following in this regard

  • To deregister your Kindle, your device must be connected to a wireless network.
  • After the deregistration, the device will be deregistered from your Amazon account. Hence you won’t be able to access items stored in your content library.

 deregister your Kindle

After you are successfully deregistered your Kindle account, kindly follow these steps to get back to the Kindle registration.

  • From Home, tap the Menu icon and then tap Settings.
  • go-to My account.
  • Tap Deregister Device
  • Tap Deregister again to confirm.
  • Only after you complete the deregistration process, registering to another Amazon account is feasible.
  • You can also deregister your Kindle from ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’ mode.

You will realize how easy to managing your Kindle, Kindle content and Kindle Account. For your, convenience Kindler comes in a variety of models to suit your taste.

For example, some of the models are Kindle Oasis (9th Generation), Kindle (8th Generation), Kindle Oasis (8th Generation), Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle fire etc. in fact even the name Kindle was chosen after careful deliberation. And the meaning of kindle is to initiate a process, to start, or pave the way.

Fine tune your Kindle

Navigate the as soon as you start your Kindle you will have the welcome Home Screen in front of you. You are in a position to adjust the pixel rate, sensitivity, adjust the Screen Light.

The Amazon Kindle is backed by the strong battery which will last for years. You can charge the battery. But after few years you may have to change the battery as such.

By registering your Kindle, you are a part of a well-knit family called Kindle. You are bound to develop the strong bond with that family. Your reading habits will reach a new height. With the Kindle, you can also

  • Change Home Screen View
  • Set Up Parental Controls
  • Change the Device Language
  • Organise Your Kindle Content with Cloud Collections

We help you to fix Kindle Registration Issues 

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Use kindle on Mac, Window or tablet

Using Your Kindle on Mac, Window or tablets after registering would be a seamless experience. You can opt for the content you want to explore and experience. A wide range of e-books is available in the Kindle library for you to choose from. You will never starve for books as the library is pretty vast.

With the parental control feature, you can decide what your kids can choose to read. You can set up a safe environment for the children. This feature is called FreeTime and can be safeguarded up with a password.

Use kindle on Mac Window

In some countries, Kindle has introduced Kindle for Kids. You can even share your collection with your family or friends. Once you have a Family Library setup, the two adult accounts can manage the content the children get access to.

That means one adult can buy the content and the other can add or remove it from their own account if they need to. You have an additional option of Cloud Collections on Kindle E-Readers.

Children friendly Kindle

The range of options and approaches means that settings can be tailored to the age of your child and how much autonomy you want them to have.

For the younger children, you will want their Kindle registered to your Amazon account, but with all the parental controls engaged, so there’s no access to your account, Cloud or the web browser.


Then you’ll want to use FreeTime or Kindle for Kids for that child. If they are getting their “own” Kindle device, you can then remotely control the content they get access to. You can gift books by simply buying them an assigning them to their FreeTime account, but you’ll have to then manually add them to FreeTime on the device itself.

You stay responsible for content consistently and can undoubtedly expel books that they’ve completed with or outgrown. Vitally, in case you’re getting it through your record, it’s your substance and you would then be able to impart it to the more youthful member of the family.

Equally, as a child grows older, using a Household, you can still share older content in the future you might have bought for yourself.

Register your Kindle to access the e-books.

Registering your Kindle device links it to your Amazon account. This is what allows you to transfer the material you purchase on Amazon to the Kindle. You can also lend e-books to other registered Kindle users and receive them in turn.

register new kindle

Even if you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi network to which your Kindle can connect, you can still register your Kindle and take advantage of these features.

{Connect to the Internet on a computer > sign Amazon account >Navigate to the Manage Your Kindle page.>Register A Kindle” link in the “Your Kindle Account” menu.}

Amazon’s Kindle Fire offers network connectivity. You can also register Kindle online or offline. Online can be either Wi-Fi or hotspots.

Connecting to Wi-Fi on a Smart Phone

The Kindle Fire requires a Wi-Fi connection to stream or download content to this touch-capable device. Once downloaded, you can safely disconnect from Wi-Fi and retain access to the content.

Accessible systems are recorded in the Kindle Fire’s Wi-Fi area unless the system is designed to cover its SSID organize name. In the event that that is the situation, manually adding the network will empower the association.

  • Setting Up The Wi-Fi Hotspot can be done by Tapping the “Settings” application on your phone’s home screen>Tap “Wireless & networks,> tap “Tethering & portable hotspot.
  • You can also add/delete/ edit an approved email address on the kindle.
  • You can also send and retrieve email documents.

Setting up Calibre programme

  • Download and install Calibre.
  • You can choose any location on your computer (Mac or Window) to save your e-book library
  • You may run the Calibre programme and connect your Kindle to the computer with the USB cable.
  • The top menu bar in Calibre will display a new “Device” button once the program recognizes the Kindle.
  • On clicking the “Device” the list of all the books and documents on your Kindle will display.
  • You can click “Add books to the library.” to transfer your document onto the computer.
  • Click the “Library” button and select the document you just transferred.
  • You can edit the document on the computer and transfer back to the Kindle.

My library

In Kindle screen, the Library will be displayed with details of books you’re currently reading or have recently downloaded.

Once the register kindle on the computer is done, you are all set to search the enormous world of knowledge. After you have circumvented the problem ‘there was an error while registering your kindle’ you will be prompted for software updates.

Reading Lists can be customized with your linked Goodreads account, Amazon wish lists, and your Kindle samples.

You can navigate to your content library in the Cloud, content downloaded to your device, and your Cloud Collections by tapping My Library. Kindle recommends the right book to you and your kids depending on the taste and preferences.

Still unable to register your Kindle contact Kindle fire expert to set up new Kindle device @ (877) 690-9305.

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