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Kindle is the future of reading books and magazines. The Amazon Kindle offers everything you just love about books and also some amazing extras.

It is a dream coming true for book lovers. It provides added options which include highlighting or even sharing passages, changing font types, or column width etc.

You won’t ever regret buying a Kindle. After buying a Kindle, you will have to register it with your Amazon account. So buy one and quickly register it to your Amazon account to get access to thousands of books.

Just follow the below mentioned steps to know how you can register your Kindle with your Amazon account. You can do it yourself by following these simple steps.

Download Kindle App for Windows 10 and Mac

Steps to be followed to register your Kindle device if you already have an Amazon account

For buying and downloading content on their Kindles, users need to connect to the WiFi and register their Kindle to an Amazon account. First, you have to tap the “Menu” option from “Home”. Then you have to select the Settings options.

register kindle device

After that, you have to choose the Amazon account you want to use on your Kindle. Those who already have an Amazon account, have to enter all their account information and tap on the “Register “.

The name of the user will appear with “Registered User” written after the process is complete.

Steps to follow to register your Kindle if you don’t have an Amazon account

Users who don’t have an Amazon account will have to follow a few additional steps to complete their registration.

After reaching the “Settings” option from “Menu” you need to tap on the “Create a New Account” option. After that, you need to choose your “Country or Region” from the menu and press tap.

You also need to enter your information like name, email address. Then you have to create a password and confirm it again and tap on the “Create Account” option. After this, you need to set the method of payment for their account.

The payment method can be a credit card to gift card that has been purchased from Amazon. Then tap “Continue Setup” and after a few more verification steps, you will get your  Kindle registered.

Steps to be followed when deregistering and then re-registering your Kindle

First and foremost, you need to make sure that their WiFi is turned on. If your Kindle is already registered and you tap on the Registration button, you will see a warning with a message stating that you are about to deregister.

Register Kindle Device

You can also find the “deregister” option under “Settings” and then “My Account” option of your device. If you don’t want to go through with the process then tap the “Cancel: option to stop this process.

Then you need to choose the “register using an existing Amazon account” option. Enter your credentials like your email account and password for your Amazon account and hit the Submit option. If you don’t have an account, then you are prompted to create one.

 Once registered, enjoy unlimited reading online

 By registering your Kindle to your Amazon account, you can purchase and download any book, magazine or other content that you want easily. You can purchase and download books directly just by connecting your device to a WiFi.

Anyone who loves reading should get a Kindle. So buy a Kindle and register it to your Amazon account and get access to unlimited books. With Kindle, book lovers can enjoy a merry time.

If Still Problem Not resolved then contact Kindle Support Center @(877) 690-9305.

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