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One of the best things about kindle is that every feature of kindle brings something more to the customers. The facility of synchronizing the kindle with multiple devices has made kindle more flexible and perfect to use. Your content can be synced with different devices and apps in a hassle free way for kindle.

Whispersync is such a platform which helps you sync your content. It helps you backup your data on the cloud on supported devices and applications. You can retrieve this data easily when you require it. You are free to access this data through another device which is registered with the same account.

For what kind of content is Whispersync used?

This amazing facility can be used for:

  1. The books you had from your kindle store
  2. Your personal documents which are converted in kindle format
  3. Applications and games you got from the Amazon appstore

All of these documents can be easily used on multiple devices using whispersync where you can easily switch between the devices in a hassle free way!

How to sync your content:

Generally, kindle syncs all your content automatically. Whispersync is a feature which automatically helps you to switch between devices where you use the content in one device and resume using it in another register device. For this, you will need to register both the devices under the same account. You get to add a number of devices under your single account and this is specifically to promote syncing of the devices for reader’s flexibility.

For books, Whispersync is always enabled. You can sync your books easily and do not need to perform any enabling for syncing books in your account.

This feature allows you to check your bookmarks, highlights, notes which were created on a different device, but using the same account. It provides such flexibility that it also syncs the last page of your book to both the devices so that when you use another device, you get to resume from the same page.

To allow this exceptional sync, you just need to enable Whispersync for your device. Here are the steps to enable or disable Whispersync:

  1. Move to Manage Your Content and Devices.
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Open Device Synchronization (Whispersync Settings) and set Whispersync Device Synchronization to ON
  4. To disable, choose OFF.


While performing this step and to sync your kindle, make sure:

  • You have your device connected to a strong wifi or data network. This will allow automatic synchronization of content with your kindle and other devices. If your device gets into the sleep mode, it will not lose data connection, but turning it off will also turn off the data.
  • Return to the Home page when you are done with reading your content which will help you sync your device and let you easily resume on another device
  • For browsing your bookmarks, notes and highlights on another device, you have to backup the annotations. Under the backup tab you can perform backup of these annotations.


For backing up the annotations, you can choose the cloud option. Annotation backup is another automatic process just like whispersync. You can view the annotations on the fire tablets, Kindle e-readers and kindle reading applications which are added to your account.

Annotations backup is enabled automatically on the fire tablets and cannot be disabled. But for kindle e-readers and reading applications, you need to check if the Annotation backup is enabled or not.

Here are the steps you need to backup your bookmarks, notes and highlights to sync them with other services like app and e-reader:

  1. Make sure Whispersync is enabled
  2. From e-reader or app, go to Home screen and from the Menu button choose Settings
  3. Enable Annotations Backup

For synchronizing the games too, you need whispersync for games enabled which will allow you to sync your scores and achievements with other device.

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