Kindle Fire 1st Generation Software Update


The first generation kindle fire might give you quite an archaic impression mainly because of the time frame it belongs to. The quaint operating system can also add up to this perception, but it was indeed a bolide, in the gadget industry at the time of its launch in 2011.

Grabbing the second place for the title of the bestselling tablet after the Apple’s IPad, the Kindle fire did manage to sell around 7 million units as of 2012. Amazon took this accretion of the consumer demand for Kindle and started introducing more versions of it.

And along with the addition of newer versions to its product portfolio, the development of support for the older products became stagnant unlike the burgeoning technical support for the new ones.

But this doesn’t mean that the issues that you face while using your first generation kindle are intractable. There is always an easy way out for most of the abstruse situations and in this case, it’s the Support For Kindle that comes into picture when you get to face any kind of issues related to your Kindle.

How to approach us for support?

Our extensive support services can be availed by calling at our service number: 877-690-9305 where a team of highly qualified experts will attend your issue or concerns that your Kindle is facing.

After finding the root cause of the issue, the most efficient resolution will be suggested to make sure that your kindle is restored to a fully functional state.

Kindle Fire 1st Generation Software Update

What exactly are the issues that you might face while using your 1st generation Kindle?

Common niggles of the Kindle Fire 1st generation.

  • You are unable to turn “on” Kindle
  • You face issues while trying to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Registering your Kindle is always resulting in the error.
  • All that you can see on your Kindle is a frozen screen.
  • The start screen of your Kindle doesn’t show any signs of booting.
  • You might face issues related to passwords.
  • Every time you start your Kindle, you have demanded a new PIN.
  • Downloading of Ebooks on your kindle becomes impossible.
  • You are not able to perform any successful online purchase of EBooks on your Kindle.
  • Kindle Fire 1st Generation Software Update

These above-mentioned instances are just the normal common hurdles that you might face while operating your Kindle.

There are way more complex issues that can arise at any point in time. For example, if you face data transfer issue with your Kindle or your Kindle Fire 1st Generation Software Update don’t load, then you should be aware of the fact that we do resolve such complex issues as well.

The complex issues that we deal with are listed below:

Issues with downloading and syncing

  • Your books or the videos in your cloud storage shoes a sync issue with the device.
  • You are unable to make any kind of purchases on your Kindle.
  • The opening of the eBooks on your Kindle shows an error.
  • You are unsuccessful in transferring any content into or out of the Kindle
  • Setting up of 1 click on your Kindle doesn’t happen at all.
  • The EBooks that you have on your kindle has pages missing from them or they might show an error in the loading of the content.
  • The installed applications in your kindle fail to load.

And it’s not just the software issues that contribute to the list of complex issues. There are hardware and registration issues also, that can be complex by nature.

So, following are the types of hardware and registration issues where we lend you professional technical support for resolution:

Issues related to hardware

  • When you fail to turn ‘On’ your Kindle
  • The battery of your kindle drains out faster than expected
  • All that you can see on your Kindle is a frozen screen
  • Charging of your Kindle doesn’t take place.
  • When the screen of your kindle shows unwanted lines on them
  • Your overall Kindle is frozen with no signs of it booting up.

Registration Issue

Connection Issue

  • You have a very difficult time in connecting your Kindle to Wi-Fi or the Kindle doesn’t connect to the Wi-Fi network available.
  • The USB connection functionality on your Kindle fails.

Unlike the rest of the desultory Kindle support services, we provide the best in class technical support for your device, by making your kindle’s technical glitch transitory and restoring it to perfection like before.

So the next time you face any technical malfunctioning in your Kindle Fire 1st generation or about Kindle Fire 1st Generation Software Update, feel free to avail our services by making a call on our toll-free number: 877-690-9305.