Kindle Fire HDX Support – Setup


Gone are the days when E-book reader devices were heavy enough to carry around. Amazon is changing this trend with it’s all new series of Kindle E-book readers equipped with the most sophisticated technology configurations,  presented in the simplest manner.

Kindle Fire HDX is one such device that is more than just a mere E-book reader.

And of course, it’s definitely fun to own the all-new Kindle Fire HDX setup; especially when it is equipped with Dolby Digital Plus audio engine that powers the two speakers along with the benefit of a massive battery life of 12 hours from a full charge.

The most interesting feature of the Kindle HDX is the Mayday button, which once pressed, brings in front of you, a live Amazon operator inside a video chat window on your screen.

It’s all done within a short time frame of 15 seconds and the operator answers all your questions related to your Kindle Fire.

He or she will even suggest you the apps to download, which you might find useful in the long run.

But the question is: Will the pressing of the Mayday button make the Amazon operator resolve your kindle issues?

Well, the answer is definitely no. The amazon operator might be able to guide you through the relevant points of contact, but will never be able to resolve the niggles that infest your kindle.

So, where exactly is the Mayday button for your Kindle HDX support?

The Mayday button for all your Kindle HDX issues is our expert support solutions: Support For Kindle Fire HDX, where we provide you with the guaranteed resolution for all your hardware issues or download & sync or any sort of connectivity issues 24×7. And all this is just a call away at 877-690-9305.

Now, Kindle HDX is indeed a powerful machine with the most advanced technological features, but there are chances that you might encounter the below listed common issues at any point in time.

kindle fire hdx setup

Common Fire HDX Issues

  • Kindle refuses to turn ON
  • The Wifi connectivity on your Kindle is not getting established.
  • Your Kindle registration fails.
  • You encounter a frozen kindle screen
  • Password issues related to your Kindle.
  • Kindle asks for a PIN out of the blue.
  • The download of e-books fails on Kindle
  • You are not able to make any purchase of e-books online

So, in case you face any of these issues, be least worried as we have with us the fix of these niggles ready for you. And the best part is that this is just a fraction of the services we offer.

Our support services range from providing resolutions for books or videos sync issue with the device to issues related to any purchase that you are trying to do on your Kindle.

Support for Download & Sync Issue

  • Books or videos sync issue with your Kindle
  • Issues in opening the e-books.
  • Issues related to purchases on your Kindle.
  • Unable to set 1 click.
  • Unsuccessful content transfer
  • Missing pages of the book or content error.
  • The succeeding page read doesn’t sync
  • Apps fail to load on your Kindle.

And what happens when you come across any other kind of issues such as Hardware or registration or connectivity issues? Well, we have you covered for those as well:

Hardware Issues that we take care of

  • Kindle doesn’t turn On.
  • Battery fails to remain charged.
  • A frozen Kindle HDX screen
  • An efficient Kindle HDX fails to get charged.
  • Kindle fire HDX setup
  • Solving the issues related to the screen
  • Resolving overall frozen Kindle issues.

Registration Issues and Kindle fire HDX setup

Connection Issues

  • Connectivity issues of the Kindle HDX with the wireless Network/Home Network.
  • USB connectivity issues.

So, at any point of time, if you feel that your Kindle HDX is non-functional owing to any of these above-mentioned reasons, do reach out to Mayday support at 877-690-9305 to get in touch with our Kindle help team for Kindle HDX.

Here we provide the best possible guaranteed resolutions for your Kindle fire HDX setup in the fastest turn around time.