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Kindle has become an inseparable part of our lives since a decade now. Its simplicity and advanced features have grabbed an intense customer base. It has simply made e-reading easy for book lovers. With a single tap, readers can purchase their favorite books in minutes and get drenched in the fascination of the book!

Kindle being an addiction is not supposed to break down but after all it’s a device which can get damaged. Due to several reasons sometimes the need arises to reset the kindle password. However, this is the last thing we would wish happening to us, but in case you forget your password, here’s the guide for your rescue!

Why would you need to reset your kindle password?

If you are out on a holiday or too busy with a wedding or your work, it may happen you have to keep your kindle aside. Forgetting is human nature and if you don’t use your kindle for many days, the possibility is, you may forget your password (Your kindle password is not your Amazon password. This is about your kindle passcode). When you forget your kindle password, you will need to reset your kindle and register again!

What happens when you reset your kindle password?

Before resetting the password, you must know the complications or damages you will have to face. Though, you don’t have more options to reset your password, these complications will remind you to keep your kindle and prevent your data in future. Let’s know the issues you will have to face for resetting your password:

  1. You will lose all your personal data and documents on the kindle
  2. If you have bookmarked your favorite websites, you will lose all of them
  3. Your device will lose all the wifi networks saved through passwords
  4. You have to register your kindle after resetting the password

How to reset your kindle password?

From the basic kindles to the latest 2nd generation kindles, you have different ways to reset the passwords.

Follow the below given steps to reset your kindle password:

  1. Press the ‘keyboard’ key to activate the onscreen keyboard
  2. You will get prompted to the passcode field and there you will need to type resetmykindle and press done
  3. Select OK and the reset will be done

After resetting the password, you have to register again and all the content you downloaded previously will be deleted. If you have your data in the Kindle library, the data will be safely stored in the cloud and you can download it later.

It is very important to know that this ‘reset my kindle’ won’t work if you have set the parental controls. You can use the above given steps only if the parental controls are not set. You can then set ‘resetmykindle’ in the password field of parental controls.

Another option is to go for a Reset to factory Default options which you can choose to reset your password. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go the home page and from the Menu, select settings
  2. In the settings tab, press menu and choose Reset to Factory Defaults.
  3. With this, your device will turn off and will turn on again
  4. Register your kindle and then use the device wirelessly.

To avoid such scenarios, we suggest you to note your kindle password in a file or a private location from where you can easily access the forgotten password. Another option is to save the important files or documents to the kindle library which you can transfer to your system using a USB. Thus, these are the easiest ways to reset your kindle password and unlock your happiness!

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