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Kindle is an amazing device which carries millions of books which you can read anytime. You no more need to carry a bunch of books with you as you have this portable and easy to use single device to carry all your books. However, a lot of people panic when they are not able to get their content or are unable to purchase books on the device.

This can be very disturbing especially for the beginners and new users. The automated systems reflect messages when there are issues with your device or account. One of such issues is that the users are sometimes not able to purchase content on kindle.

One of the messages which display on the screen when you fail to purchase any book is:

Order can’t be completed:

This message is displayed when you order some content on your kindle which cannot be completed. This generally happens when they are not able to complete the payment for your content. When you get this message and are willing to complete your order, you need to follow some steps.

Here are the steps which you will need to complete the order or purchase your content from your kindle device or another synchronized device:

You need to edit your 1-click payment method

  1. From the message given above, choose the ‘Edit Payment Method’
  1. Follow the below given instructions:
  • Edit the expiration date or address from your 1-click payment
  • Choose the card you previously used for 1-click payment
  • Add a new card to your 1-click payment
  • Use the Amazon Gift Card option to make payments
  1. Choose Confirm to save all the changes you made with the above given fields and proceed to complete your payment.

These changes will allow your order to get completed. The payment can get interpreted if the card is expired, does not have balance or when you are choosing the wrong payment method. Making changes in these settings will help you pay for the orders and you will then be able to purchase your content.

If you are not able to purchase the books on kindle, there may be possibilities that you are purchasing it in a wrong way. Firstly, you won’t be able to purchase books from the kindle reader. You need to buy the books from kindle store.

Here are the steps you can follow to buy your books:

You need a strong data or wifi network connected to your device.

  1. Open the safari browser and visit the kindle store
  2. Browse the books you are interested in
  3. Sign in your account using password and email address
  4. Tap on the book you need to purchase and tap on the option Buy Now with 1-click
  5. Click on read now and it will open in your kindle app

These are the 2 possible options you can try for purchasing books or content from your kindle. Changing the payment method and selecting the right way to purchase content will help.

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