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Kindle has become an addiction and why not? The content for kindle is readily available and reading books has never been so easy. This portable library can be carried anywhere and you can start reading your favourite book with just a single tap, anytime anywhere. However, one of the problems people face with kindle is, not being able to buy the kindle books online.

If you need to purchase a kindle book, you can get it from Amazon kindle store with number of payment options and gift cards. With a single click, you can download a rich collection of Amazon e-books.

You cannot purchase the books from kindle reading app. You have to purchase the books from the kindle store. Here are the steps which you need to follow if you want to purchase books from the kindle store using safari browser:

Note: make sure you have an internet connection on your device or are connected to any wifi network. Connectivity is the first thing you need to purchase books online.

  1. Open the safari browser and visit the kindle store. If you have an iPad, go for Kindle store for iPad and for iPhone or iTouch, go to the iPhone or iTouch stores respectively.
  2. You will then need to sign in to the store using the Amazon account details which you used for registering on kindle reading app. For signing in, click on Hello, Sign in. Enter the password and email address for your Amazon account and sign in.
  3. You now need to search for the book titles you want. When you get the title, if you want to buy the book, tap on the option ‘Buy Now with 1-click’
  4. Click on ‘Read Now’ and the book will soon open in your kindle app.

You can also add the books after purchase to your kindle cloud reader and then download it when you are willing to read it. For this, here are the steps:

  1. Open the safari browser and navigate through the kindle eBooks page
  2. Login to your Amazon account
  3. Browse the title on Amazon store and if you want it, click on Deliver to and under that drop down, select Kindle Cloud Reader
  4. Now select Buy Now with 1-click
  5. Now, open your kindle app
  6. Click on the cloud tab to browse the books you have purchased
  7. Tap on the book you want to download on the reader
  8. Once downloaded, tap on the book and start reading!

You need to purchase the books for reading them and once you purchase the books, the titles will be readily available on your device for reading. For downloading the book, click on the cover of book form the library screen. At a time, you will be able to download 3 books.

You won’t be able to download the books directly from the kindle reader. You will need to use your Amazon account for getting the books for your devices. Make sure you have an internet connection and follow the above given steps to buy and download the books successfully! If still your problem is not resolved Get the Kindle Support from our technician.

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